Attorneys General National Mortgage Servicing Settlement Information

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Please note that the office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight
is not a regulatory or enforcement authority. It can
only collect data from loan servicers and issue reports.
Your state's Attorney General's office and
the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may be
a source of assistance in this regard.

Note, too, that any loan owned by Fannie Mae or
Freddie Mac is not impacted by the settlement. You are strongly
encouraged to verify whether your loan might be owned by
either one of these "Government Sponsored Entities" (GSEs).
To rule out whether yours is a Fannie-Mae Loan
To rule out whether yours is a Freddie-Mac Loan

Attorneys General Executive Committee page on the settlement

Consumer assistance under the settlement

Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight: Home Page

Report your non-GSE loan issues to the Office
of Mortgage Settlement Oversight

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