LawReview CLE Documents
(8/25/11 episode)




To the participants in the 8/25/11 CLE, please feel free to use the following resources to assist your foreclosure defense practice. If you find any errors, have any illuminating experiences, or wish to suggest any corrections or additions to the outline please let me know. I look forward to collaborating on the development and clarification of this area of the law. Thanks!


Hagler Signature Page (from US Bank v. Gordon)

US Bank v. Gordon (Nahmias decision)

Milani v. One West (J. Duffey Order on MTD)

Morgan v. Ocwen (J. Totenberg Order on MTD)

MBS Flow Chart

Amirfazli v. VATACS Group, Inc. (Ga. Ct. App. chilling question)

WSB Report on Robo-Notaries

Baverman findings in Nicholson

Trent v. MERS (Unpublished 11th Cir.)

SB 64 Amending OCGA § 14-5-7 (Effective Date?)

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